Testimonials from Participants of the Training Course in Perugia

Christina participated in the Training Course held in Perugia. After she came back, she wanted to share her experience with the world. Read her story below.

I could describe my learning experience in Perugia one of the most creative of the last year. As a computer scientist and an ICT teacher in a refugee site, I was amazed by the fact that 3D printing has been inducted to public schools in Italy with a great success. We learned about the different types of the 3D printing, of the officially referred additive manufacturing. We passed through all the advantages and disadvantages, the restrictions and the limits of every different technology. We were also informed about the statistics, how, where and from whom it is used. This theory helped us a lot to have a general overview about the current situation.

Then the creative part started! We were actually taught to use in real time the design software and two different types of 3D printers (delta and Cartesian). I was super enthusiastic being able to see my drawing becoming a real object! The last day we applied all this knowledge to our actual job, describing a didactic scenario using 3D printing. I was able to exchange ideas with colleagues from Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland! At the end I returned full of amazing and creative ideas, ready to apply them (with the materials I have in my school).



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