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The FUN@SCIENCE project is aimed at developing and testing a model for science education, working on all school levels, based on the valorisation of 3D printing technologies and experiences.

Actually 3D printing is being used in many schools to create interactive, mechanical and technical lessons. This inspires young minds, guiding them to STEM careers and makes learning funnier. Specifically, the project intends to:

  • promote STEM careers and logic and mathematics skills in school education, through a model based on learning experiences supported by 3D printing activities which can complement the classroom or succeeding where the classroom might have failed;
  • realise lesson plans built specifically around 3D printing in general, using it as a learning tool, and providing benefits beyond standard educational curricula starting from the assumption that 3D printing is not only a technology but it can also provide ways of learning different subjects;
  • use 3D printing as a tool for supporting and improving in students the development of global citizenship competences, through innovative formal and informal science education teaching and learning;
  • develop the activities to all school educational levels, incorporating informal schooling based on 3D printing activities in school curricula, allowing its accreditation and the evaluation in the reference educational contents;
  • bring together a number of key stakeholder in school education, training policies and ICT – schools, training providers and associations, education providers, organisations having close links with policy makers, organisations with relevant technical expertise in ICT and 3D printing.

To do this, partners are committed in making available for schools, families, experts working in the field of education innovative products, among them:

  • Collection and analysis of interesting practices in at least 5 European Member States about science education in curricular activities with reference to 3D printing activities, for presenting the effects of informal science education related to 3D printing on students interest in scientific carriers and in the development of logic and mathematics skills;
  • Extracurricular activities based on 3D printing for designing and realising games (in the primary school), for designing and realising more complex products (in the secondary junior school), and for scanning, designing and making different items related to the science lab according to a well defined educational project (in high school).
  • Open Educational Resources including all didactical materials (e-learning modules, interactive didactic tools, videos, etc…) for implementing the Fun@Science model uploaded on the project website. The tools provided by the OER platform will allow teachers, trainers and parents to build and develop innovative students learning paths by creating well-defined learning methodologies and tools.
  • Policy Guidelines to give suggestions for the implementation of global education models incorporating informal schooling based on 3D printing activities in school curricula.
  • Testing and assessment formats and tools to share the experimentation phases and to compare results and impacts in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses of tested model.
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