FUN@Science Training in Perugia

The previous week the Greek team had the opportunity to take part in a very interesting training about 3D printing in a very picturesque Italian city, Perugia. The Italian team was very hospitable, organized and held this training in detail.

The first meeting was about an introducing and theoretic session about additive manufacturing, 3D printer’s evolution, various categories and materials that someone could use and also about statistics and differences in comparison with other countries. The next day, we participated in more specialized workshops related to the 3D printers, using software and testing printing different tangible samples. The third day, our tutors separated all the participants in four teams and each team worked on a specific educational field (mathematics, biology, environment and engineering) bridging industrial 3D printing to school scenarios by creating educational projects for students of different ages (3-18).

It was a really interesting training that showed us the connection between 3D printing and education. Before going to this training, I was quite curious about its use, but finally I realized that 3D printing could be a really innovative learning tool. Personally, I believe that embracing 3D printing in the classroom could introduce new learning possibilities, positive engagement, innovative and creative learning environment, critical thinking and problem-solving opportunities. But I have to point out that it’s very important the issue of integrating 3D printing classes in the most meaningful way possible.

Now, significant part takes the implementation and utilization of this knowledge, skills and experience in the teaching procedure. However, it is very important that they are transmitted to a number of teachers so that they can also transfer them to their students.

Evangelia Alatza – Creative YouthLand, Greece

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