Fun@Science training course in Perugia

My name is Fevronia Diamantopoulou and I write this article to share my experience participating as a representative of Creative YouthLand in the Training Course in Perugia-Italy, on the topic of the use of 3D printers in educational procedures.

Regarding the topic of the Training Course, I was highly interested in it because I had never been involved in 3D printing, even though I am an Information Technology Teacher.

We have been given a general introduction to 3D printer technology and the designing environments of 3D printed objects. We were given examples of application of 3D printing in the educational procedure, and the participants were asked to design and present a project in which we would include the use of 3D printing. The trainers were well equipped with knowledge and were very supportive.

My overall impression about the course, the support of the hosting organization and the group of participants is very positive.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the Greek organization Creative YouthLand for giving me the opportunity to participate in such course.

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