Study Circle @ Almada (AESEN facilities).

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The Portuguese implementation of “FUN@Science” Study Circle was undertaken at Almada, having comprised 3 half-day sessions split between September 9 and September 11, 2019. Chosen location was the “Mathematics Room” at AESEN (project leader).

Participants were all school teachers heading from the region of project partners (Lisbon Metropolitan Area). Prof. José Diogo (Director of AlmadaForma – CFECA , the training centre for all schools pertaining to Almada Municipality) attended also one of the sessions. Numbers reached were very high, comprised about 25 participants.

The emphasis of these sessions was obviously 3D printing, having started with theoretical insights and proceeding steadily to practical activities which consisted of group work leading to the generation of ideas for activities addressed to students about 3D modelling and printing.

Photo below shows the intervention of Alcino Pascoal (project manager of the Portuguese partner, Madan Parque) during one of the sessions. He did speak about Madan Parque and its role under the framework of the project.

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