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This project has had a great impact on Portuguese partners, who did implement closely and on a timely manner the activities described within project work plan. It must be said that both AEEN and Madan Parque pertain to the same municipality (Almada). Education is indeed a top priority to the aforementioned municipality, which happens to […]


Award ceremony for the participation in the project: Valorising learning through the recognition of individual commitment

At the end of the experimentation process with the group of students of the lower secondary school “Carducci-Purgotti” located in Perugia,Italy, it seemed right and necessary to valorise the extracurricular commitment of the students involved in the learning process and in the approach to 3D printers with the delivery of the objects produced during the […]


Six lessons for one goal: implementing digital competences in the school

The Fun@Science project, which originated from the meeting held in Perugia in October 2018, involved 17 lower secondary school pupils and 4 primary school pupils. 30 hours of extracurricular activities divided into 6 lessons, during which students were able to experience the digital approach as a tool to learn through workshop methods and constructive of […]


Why operating with 3D printers within the school curriculum?

In an increasingly augmented society, where virtual and analog reality are inextricably linked, it is important to experiment with innovative educational models that can strengthen the ability of children and young people to build their own mind maps by fostering the growth of citizens who are critical and actively involved in the future of society. […]


FUN@Science Training Course – My experience in Perugia

The FUN@Science Training Course was an opportunity for me to systematize the knowledge I had already gained in the field through my previous engagement in this topic. It included both an introduction to the theory and the practice of 3D printing. All trainers were experienced in their fields and offered us both their knowledge and […]


Fun@Science training course in Perugia

My name is Fevronia Diamantopoulou and I write this article to share my experience participating as a representative of Creative YouthLand in the Training Course in Perugia-Italy, on the topic of the use of 3D printers in educational procedures. Regarding the topic of the Training Course, I was highly interested in it because I had […]


FUN@Science Training in Perugia

The previous week the Greek team had the opportunity to take part in a very interesting training about 3D printing in a very picturesque Italian city, Perugia. The Italian team was very hospitable, organized and held this training in detail. The first meeting was about an introducing and theoretic session about additive manufacturing, 3D printer’s […]

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