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Study Circle @ Almada (AESEN facilities).

The Portuguese implementation of “FUN@Science” Study Circle was undertaken at Almada, having comprised 3 half-day sessions split between September 9 and September 11, 2019. Chosen location was the “Mathematics Room” at AESEN (project leader). Participants were all school teachers heading from the region of project partners (Lisbon Metropolitan Area). Prof. José Diogo (Director of AlmadaForma […]


Multiplier event in Rzeszów.

On 19th of July 2019, the Multiplier Event for the FUN & SCIENCE project took place in conference room at Center Park (Rzeszów, Poland). The meeting was attended by local stakeholders and university representatives. The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize them with the project and its results. In addition to the presentation, there […]


Presentation at TIC@Portugal’19

Presentation “AEEN: Uma casa com muitos destinos (ERASMUS+)” National event, about ICT, that occurs in simultaneous in 9 Portuguese cities. Rui Baltazar presents the project FUN@SCIENCE in Monte da Caparica session.

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