Award ceremony for the participation in the project: Valorising learning through the recognition of individual commitment

At the end of the experimentation process with the group of students of the lower secondary school “Carducci-Purgotti” located in Perugia,Italy, it seemed right and necessary to valorise the extracurricular commitment of the students involved in the learning process and in the approach to 3D printers with the delivery of the objects produced during the experiment.

The activation of learning processes is driven by the motivation of the young person who, actively involved, engages with curiosity and interest, building a more solid and formative learning.

Highlighting the results of this commitment, becomes significant not only as a rewarding act, but as an “object” that summarizes a complex cognitive activity, made up of steps of learning, in this case, supported by technology.

The 21st century, after all, is characterized by the constant and continuously innovative diffusion of ICT in all areas of human life, we can certainly not underestimate digital skills as a component of education for global citizenship (UNESCO 2015).

The choice to deliver the products realized with the 3D printer entering the various classes, attended by the students involved in the experimentation, with a rituality formalized by the presence of the school headmaster, allowed, finally, to disseminate and promote the project FUN@Science stimulating the curiosity and interest of those who had not participated. A dissemination in the concrete reality of the youth world.

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